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What is an Anti-Corruption Team?

In addition to what you may read in the mainstream media or see on TV, at just about every local agency in the Inland Empire, fraud, corruption, political favoritism and abuse are present within the system.  The hardest thing, many times, is not detecting and attempting to fight corruption, but getting somebody with any authority to listen to and expose it for what it is, the misuse of public monies.  It is so important right now that we do something about this ever-growing problem of fraud, waste and abuse of authority and public resources, as our society seems to be at a “crossroads” involving our views about government and its place within the lives of its citizens and residents.

The catalyst for this political misbehavior may at the same time lead to its timely demise.  With our current economic downturn, it is becoming ever more difficult to distinguish between “scam artists” out in the general public and those that we have elected or have been appointed to represent our collective public interests.  This situation has come to a head, in large part, due to the limited public funding levels that have arisen in this economic downturn, resulting in dwindling personal incomes and the associated losses in available revenues used to fuel our governmental “machine”.

Fraud and corruption are like a cancer that touches most every part of our daily lives. Most people may be unaware of just how prevalent fraud and corruption are, and because of this, are apathetic about becoming involved in a solution, other than to ignore it and maybe it will go away.  Until an individual citizen has gotten “on the wrong side of politics” they may not understand the difference between being on the inside or being an outsider of the political system that impacts our government, employment opportunities, insurance and the all around personal quality of life in so many ways.  If you have ever tried to fight against the government, or the many private interests representing the government or controlled/ regulated by it, one quickly learns that the old saying “you can’t fight City Hall” is true.  Most people are genuinely intimidated and outright scared to stand-up for themselves in the face of injustice by our government and the big business that is supported by, and supports current “public policy”.

People can get involved by starting to take a stand that “enough is enough” and that we’re just not going to stand for it anymore.  The Anti-Corruption Team (ACT) has been formed as an educational vehicle upon which to spread the word that We (the People) as a society are better than this, and We (the People) deserve better from our government.  Participation is the key.  By using a consolidated front to fight against fraud, corruption and abuse, we will allow for the uniting of resources and a synergy amongst a number of strong voices to take our government, created by and for the people, and give it back to the people.  Visit ACT’s website at actsbc.com or consider making a tax-deductible donation to: Anti-Corruption Team, P.O. Box 3127, Patton, CA 92369-3127 to become a member and join us in our fight against corruption.

2/26/10 Sentinel

The Sentinel newspaper dated February 26, 2010.

The Sentinel from February 26, 2010